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Results of the Year 2021

       It's time to take a look back on the work we've done in this 2021 year and evaluate the results. The year was not in vain. What have we achieved what have we mastered and what decisions have been taken to implement next year? The development of a Tram turnout of the European type with flexible points and welded rail radius 50 m, was finished. Four sets of this project were installed in the cities tram lines in Lviv. These Tram turnouts were laid according to the reconstruction plan for Bandera and Rusova Streets. Lviv received modern tram interchanges with automated gauge control and provided switch heating in winter. Welded legs with switch and crossing provide the possibility of welded turnout in seamless tram complexes, which reduces the noise generation when tram car goes through the street and contributes to the smooth rolling of the wheels at the joints of the rail parts. By special order of the Georgian railroads, we had modernized the turnout type P50 1/9, to ensure laying it on reinforced concrete skids with screw and dowel fastening of base plate. Our customer manufactured reinforced-concrete skids by himself according to our dimensions of sub-rail platforms. Thirty-nine sets were shipped. Such switches will be used to modernize railway sections with R50 rails. For our long-term customer from Turkey, we have been developed 3 projects of cast monoblock crossing with welded rail ends of type 49E1. This crossing has been successfully used in reconstruction of urban infrastructure. Our company continues to cooperate with Germany. The work started in 2020 with one of the German companies, underdevelopment 49E1 1/9, continued until this day, and an order for 18 crosses was successfully received and executed. Traditionally, our contract was continued. Preparatory works for certification of turnouts produced for the needs of Latvian have started, which will enable the plant to supply products to the Baltic republics. The plant is constantly involved in serial production improving and expanding the sales market for switch and crossing products. In 2021, the design and engineering department has upgraded several projects to increase the quality and application of solutions that are implemented in new projects, taking into account the use of Ukrainian materials and Ukrainian regulatory documents. Modern gauntlet projects had been designed at the request of the Ukrainian Railway. For example, the gauntlet 1520 mm with 1435 mm, the gauntlet of P65 1/11 of 1520 mm 1435 mm, and finally, the project P65 1/11 gauge of 1435 mm. DNSZ company continues to cooperate with different cities of Ukraine to lay new tram lines. The tramway crossing For the Mariupol city lines, T62 of 50 m radius, 1524 mm had been developed this year by our engineering department. The project is included in the urban reconstruction for 2022.  This project included switches similar to those which we had been laid in Lviv with a deaf crossing of the branch of adjacent gauge. There had been mastered and manufactured cast base plate of DL 24 type for technological lines of industrial enterprises and technical specification for manufactured of cast fishplates for P24, P34, P43 rails, and T62 tram rails. I would also like to note the work of metallurgists. This year they installed a hardening machine for switch rails and   HFC rails #4 in the mechanical production workshop. The pneumatic hammer MA 4136 was overhauled. The gas furnace was modernized. And also a new section with assembly stands with two-level crane arms was launched The creation of new designs and modernization of serial projects is impossible without appropriate technologies and specialized equipment. This year both metal casting and switching production have increased their technological capacities. To reduce time for the production of moulds and to avoid purchasing it from other competing companies, DSNZ has bought ATENA, a unique five-coordinate machining center. Now it can produce models not only for crossing but also for any other casting parts. The plant is striving to produce long-measured with small crossing angle. The section for crossing hardening is working at full capacity up to 9 m long, instead of the existing constructions of 4.5 m length. Another step was, building a special section with assembly stands in the mechanical assembly shop with two-level crane arms.  This design makes it possible to assemble a boom with a length of 50 m instead of 25 m. To complete the reconstruction of the part mechanical assembly workshop, the hardening machine was modernized and moved to the mechanical assembly shop.  In 2020 we installed and commissioned a portal machine WALDRICH COBURG with special software. This machine can process two crossing at the same time, which is important for rush orders and surely increase the plant capacity. A significant event for the company is the repair of equipment. The pneumatic hammer MA 4136 was overhauled and the gas furnace was modernized in the forging and press shop in 2021. Our company strives to expend it boundries, so they are actively working to expand the range and improve production capacity. We are always ready for new cooperation. To get more information about our commercial offer, as well as to discuss the terms, you can contact us by phone listed on the company's website. Thank you for your attention and look forward to working with you next 2022.


European design tram turnout

The presentation, preliminary (in-house) and the 1st stage of acceptance testing of the tram turnout type T62, radius 50m with flexible tongues for the gauge 1524mm, project Dn 860.00.000-04 with the electrohydraulic drive made by “Elektroline” (Czech Republic) took place at the testing area of JSC “Dnepropetrovsk Switch Plant” on November 12, 2020. The following specialists were a part of the acceptance commission: Deputy Dierctor on municipal transport of GE “Research and design institute of the municipal services”, Kiev, Leonid Zbarsky, Head of Polish office of “Elektroline” Tomash Hoffman, Head of construction department of “Dneprovsky electrotransport” Igor Pogorelov, Chief engineer of “Dneprovsky electrotransport” Nikolay Laniuk, Chief engineer of “Lvovelectrotrans” Vladimir Kovaliv, Chief engineer of the track service of “Kharkovelectroctrans” Yurii Kushnir, Head of permanent way division “Speed Tram” Krivoy Rog” Victor Grischenko, Deputy director on construction of “Speed Tram” Krivoy Rog” Igor Oficerov, Chief engineer of “Odessaelectrotrans” Aleksandr Katashinsky, head of the track service of “Odessaelectrotrans” Vasiliy Lisovoy, Deputy head of track service “Zaporozhelectrotrans” Yurii Fenchenko, Director Vladimir Kolshko and Deputy director Aleksandr Guk of the representative of “Electroline” in Ukraine - “Valvo” LLC. The tram turnout under the project Dn 860 has been designed in accordance with norms and requirements of Ukrainian and foreign customers and intended for the installation into the tram lines, including high-speed areas. The turnout may be supplied in two options – with or without the set of baseplates, depending on the fastening type system applied at the area of installation. The different projects designed for the gauge 1000mm and 1435mm. The difference of this turnout from the standard ones: the switch with two flexible tongues implemented, what significantly increases the traffic safety. The switch case and crossing are casted from steel 110Г13Л with welded legs to provide the possibility of easily weld-in the turnout into the jointless track. the switch heating system from “Elektroline” applied to provide stable working during winter period. the electrohydraulic drive from “Elektroline” type TSH 1524mm is used for moving tongues. This drive is designed for automatic and manual (in case of necessity) moving the tongues in the desired position. The design guarantees the high traffic safety, reliability, noise reduction, ecological cleanness and long operational term with minimal service requirements. to control the electrohydraulic drive the switch control and signaling equipment about the tongues position and turnout area occupation from “Elektroline” are applied. This control system allows to connect to the general control system and to the tongues position control system via GPRS.  Advantages: increasing the speed, no joints in the tongue heel, possibility of welding-in into the jointless track, noise minimization, increasing of safety, heating system for stable working in the low temperatures, increased usability.  The tests were successful. All participants highly assessed the innovation solutions and quality of the turnout, and were looking forward to seeing the new turnouts in the exploitation.   Electrohydraulic drive from «Elektroline»  


JSC "DnSZ" against COVID-19

JSC “DNIPROPETROVSK RAILWAY SWITCH PLANT” has purchased the Swiss-made high-end ventilators of the highest class - Hamilton-C3 and Hamilton-C6. The devices have already been installed in the intensive care unit of the 9th city hospital and in emergency care hospital. “In such a difficult time for the country, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot stand by, knowing that there is a critical shortage of ventilators. That is why, as soon as we found the device, we did not think for a minute, because even after a pandemic, this device will save hundreds of lives,” commented Taranenko Sergiy, CEO of JSC “DnSZ” .  In total, JSC “DnSZ” donated 5.5 million UAH for fighting against coronavirus in Ukraine.