Company history


The history of the company can be traced back to 1916, when the switches and crossings workshop of the Empress Ekaterina Railway was established in Ekaterinoslav (now Dnipro).


In order to expand the capability of the plant, the top management of the country decided to transfer the workshop to the left bank of the river close to newly-built Merefo-Kherson bridge and to build a new plant for both options: repairing and manufacturing turnouts and its components. In 1934 the construction of Nizhnedneprovsky Railway Switch Plant has started. Reconstruction was held in a short time; workshops were erected and technically equipped for less than 2 years.


First turnouts were manufactured in 1936. In few years the plant totally catered to the railway needs in turnouts and its components of the whole country.


The plant was evacuated to Novosibirsk Region, Russia in 1941. The production was organized in open spaces, under temporary shelters. Workshops were erected later. The country was in desperate need of switch products at the front and behind the lines.


In October 1943 the plant was surrendered. Only the half of the workers returned from Novosibirsk Region. Equipment and some specialists stayed at the newly established Novosibirsk Railway Switch Plant. The plant in Dnipropetrovsk should be built from the bottom up.


Manufacturing of the casting (casting workshops) and its use in production was a right decision. In the postwar period Dnipropetrovsk Railway Switch Plant together with Novosibirsk and Murom Railway Switch Plants manufactured track work products for all Soviet Union railroads and industrial lines.


In 1990 the plant becomes a leased enterprise.


In 1994 – a joint-stock company.


After collapse of USSR the same as other Ukrainian enterprises DnSZ suffered from falling-off in production. But still the management of the plant did not stop the production and the plant coped with the crisis. In 1999 the plant started to work with maximum performance again and the successful company revival began.


Today PJSC “DnSZ” is one of the biggest manufacturing enterprises in Ukraine with increasing profitability and sustainable development. The products of DnSZ are highly appreciated in different countries. The plant improves the quality of the products constantly as well as increases the volume of finished products, expands the markets. For young specialists the plant is the possibility to work at the smooth-running enterprise, to build a rewarding career, to get regular income and employment benefits.